An established brand celebrates its 140th anniversary

1875 Friedrich Küppersbusch founded the world’s first stove factory “F. Küppersbusch & Söhne” in the Gelsen¬kirchen district of Schalke and launched his handcrafted coalburning stoves.

1880 Küppersbusch products went into series production with 12 employees, and the company expanded its product range.

1898 The automatic telephone exchange was patented. Küppersbusch had three telephone connections and com¬municated via a single telegram address.

1913 Küppersbusch became Europe’s biggest specialist factory with 2,500 employees who produced 350 stoves and ovens a day.

1918 After the necessary switch to field kitchens and ov¬ens during World War I, Küppersbusch began producing ovens for household use again. Due to the high demand, Küppersbusch switched to industrial manufacture.

1935 The plant experienced an explosion in demand and there was a constant increase in the number of employees. Küppersbusch opened a second production plant for coal-burning stoves. In addition, this boom led to the acquisition of a second plant in Austria. Küppersbusch was once again a globally renowned company.

1954 The W/ Beetle was not the only representative of the economic miracle. Küppersbusch adverts featured the high-speed hotplate, the seven-position switch and the indicator light.

1962 From the gas stove to the cooker hood to the fully enamelled fridge: what began with the oven had now devel¬oped into an entire product range.

1973 The 1970s: the built-in kitchen was welcomed into German households. Küppersbusch was one of the first producers to make this kitchen’s built-in appliances.

1985 The birth year of the ökotherm ®. A catalytic con¬verter for ovens and cookers — ecology meets perfect food. The only one of its kind and only from Küppers¬busch.

1993 Since 1993, Küppersbusch has been a successful participant in design competitions. Bundespreis, Red Dot Award, iF design award, Platinum Award for Design Excellence ADEX: to date, more than 60 products such as ovens, stoves, hobs and cooker hoods have been awarded both national and international prizes.

1999 In order to be able to serve the premium quality global kitchen segment, the Teka Group merged with Küppersbusch Hausgeräte GmbH and Küppersbusch Großküchentechnik GmbH & Co. KG. This company had more than 5,000 employees worldwide.

2008-2010 The design company from Gelsenkirchen launched the Platinum White Edition and the Black Chrome Edition and set new benchmarks on the built-in appliances market.

2013/2014 Küppersbusch presented the new “In-dividual” design concept. Even the first “Meisterstück” created a stir and impressively conveyed the company’s brand values: design, quality, innovation, function and. healthy food.

2015 The company celebrates its 140th anniversary with numerous innovations at the international trade fair LivingKitchen in Cologne, Germany.
Küppersbusch is being appointed a foundation member of the German Design Council in March.

2016 In September, the German Design Council accepts the Küppersbusch brand into its circle of “Major German Brands“. The current edition of the Design Council’s book “Distinctive. Ingenious.” presents German businesses that have their own design and are strategic brand leaders on a global level.

2017 Küppersbusch is introducing the new appliance generation worldwide, placing increased focus on individual design flexibility with Mix+Match and the introduction of the new colour “Shade of Grey”. In June 2017 we were awarded the German Brand Award in Gold by the German Design Council for a consistent brand introduction and sustainable market communication.

Kuppersbusch — For kitchens with style

The brand values of design, quality, function, innovation and healthy food are part of the Küppersbusch brand claim “Für Küchen mit Stil”. This claim is used inter¬nationally in German, thus emphasising the fact that the established company’s key competencies and roots are in Germany.

Design “Made in Germany”

For more than 40 years, the German designer Klaus Keichel has been responsible for the design of Küppersbusch products. During this time, he repeatedly proved his creativity and has been the recipient of more than 60 design prizes to date. The continuity of his design and his decision to distance himself from short-lived trends are the basis of Küppersbusch’s success. In 2015, Küppersbusch is being appointed a foundation member of the German Design Council.

Quality: International standards

All innovation processes are coordinated in Germany, which means that the compa¬ny’s own departments of design, product management, function and quality assess¬ment are closely linked. We are referring to a coordinated innovation process which is supervised by the German headquarters. They are the driver of new designs and innovative products and remain in constant contact to the international plants and branches.

Function: Intuitive and user-friendly

The focus is placed on the perfect balance of form and function. The result is what the users experience with the Küppersbusch products. The top priorities are intuitive user guidance, ease of use and uncomplicated care. To ensure all appliances meet the highest demands, they are tested by experienced nutritionists and chefs prior to the market launch.

Innovation: New and creative ideas since 1875

Since the company was founded in 1875, Küppersbusch has stood out due to its innumerable innovations and creative ideas. The first electric cooker is an excellent example of this, as is the unique ökotherm ® catalytic converter. The company also focuses on the topic of customisation: In 2013, the Küppersbusch Individual Concept was launched, which enables the customer to tailor the appliance to suit their needs. Küppersbusch Meisterstück offers even more individual options. A professional gourmet cooking centre, geared towards the individual needs and preferences of ambitious lovers of cooking.

Healthy Enjoyment

Küppersbusch always realised that they should take an integrative approach to the topic of cooking. Today, the company is still dedicated to continuing this tradition. In special cooking courses, experienced restaurant chefs and nutritionists demonstrate healthy and modern preparation methods. The Küppersbusch experts compile instructions and recipe books for private households. And the Gelsenkirchen site even holds cooking courses for children in their training kitchen. Particularly in the era of fast food, the motto is: teach budding gourmets from an early age.

Welcome to the kitchen of the 21st century

Nowadays, cooking involves a lot more than merely preparing meals. It is an expression of a modern, individual lifestyle. Lifestyle, in which good designs are just as important as a contemporary, healthy diet in-volving high-tech, which counts just as much as quality and durability. With Küppersbusch you are deciding in favour of innovative, techni-cal concepts, much-awarded product designs and not least, more than 135 years of experience in the manufacturing of sophisticated kitchen appliances. Discover the world of Küppersbusch. Für Küchen mit Stil.

Good design.
Requirement for
good style

Good taste is influenced by experience. With time, experience gradual-ly becomes a personal, very individual style. With their much-awarded design, the Küppersbusch built-in appliances bring out the main featu-res of distinguished kitchen architecture. A clear commitment to modern elegance and maximum quality.

Küppersbusch has been successfully taking part in design competitions since 1993, and has won 55 design awards since then.

Küppersbusch leaves choosing the design of your built-in appliances up to you – and you can also make your personal wishes come true when it comes to their features. Make your choice to suit your own personal taste.


Many professional cooking innovations and product features distinguish these built-in appliances. Of an unconditional standard and perfect in their functions, they meet the highest demands. An outstanding example of this is the Meisterstück Profession+.


Clever technical details and features are perfect for suppor-ting and enriching the work you do in the kitchen. With their extremely high standard in terms of function and quality, these built-in appliances are the ideal equipment for sophisti-cated kitchens.


Comfort+ built-in appliances provide you with a lot of con-venience and many practical features. Easy handling and clear functions give you all the freedom you need in your passion for cooking, and meet your high standards.

Whatever you decide on. You‘ll be delighted.

Only from Küppersbusch –
the ökotherm® oven catalyser and PYROtherm

During baking and roasting, dirty air is automatically transformed into clean air. Thus operation always takes place exclusi
vely with cleaned air so that no deposits are formed on the side walls of the oven interior. Cleanliness with system!

The operating principle:

1. The oven air, laden during cooking with greasy fumes, coo-king odours and suspended particles, is drawn in by the
turbo-fan. (2)
3. It is then forced through the ring catalyser, where these un-pleasant by-products of the cooking process are converted into water (steam) and carbon dioxide.
4. This conversion process also generates heat, which is diver-ted back into the oven and used during baking and roasting, thereby saving valuable energy.

– Clean appliance interior
– Energy-saving
– Optimised cooking results
– Clean kitchen

Included in all appliances with the su”x ”X“ in the product code.

ökotherm® + Pyrolyse = PYROtherm

PYROtherm is a combination of the unique ökotherm® oven catalyser and the pyrolytic oven cleaning system. The laborious manual cleaning of the oven is •nally a thing of the past, together with the emission of fat-laden and odourous cooking vapours.
Not only is the oven cavity clean, but also the air emitted into the kitchen by the oven is free of grease and smells – systematic cleanliness!