It’s cooking fun

Premium choice: recirculation or extraction

The sophisticated technology of Küppersbusch cooker hoods will freshen up your kitchen. In the recirculation mode, with which polluted air direct above the hob is fi ltered and cleaned and then returned to the kitchen atmosphere as clean air. Alternatively the extraction mode whereby the integrated motor directs cooking vapours into a central exhaust air chimney or to the outside.


The new Küppersbusch Individual concept offers the option of having some models adapted to suit your own personal taste by equipping them with additional design kits. A fully individual look is achieved with one of the different design kits available as an accessory.

Full power that can hardly be heard: fan technology

State-of-the art fan technology which works extremely powerfully and guarantees perfect extraction. And the systems are unusually quiet, even when operating at maximum extraction rates.

Clean work: metal grease filters

All of the Küppersbusch cooker hoods are fitted with a highquality metal grease filter to extract the grease in the vapours. The recirculation mode requires a charcoal filter for removing odours. The metal filter can be easily removed and then simply cleaned in the dishwasher. And what‘s more: the grease saturation indicator in the cooker hood automatically shows when it is time to replace filters.

High-power setting

The high-power setting is for short-term operation in the case of intense cooking vapours. Depending on the model, the hoods
switch back after a stipulated time to a pre-set standard mode.

Automatic delay stop

The automatic delay stop cleans the air after cooking too and switches off automatically after a certain period of time.


It does not matter if you choose a standard, halogen or the new LED lighting your hob area is always ideally illuminated.

Illuminated controls

The illuminated control buttons are easy to read and use.

Quick installation

The new installation system of the built-in cooker hoods is easy and uncomplicated.


These cooker hoods are equipped with modern, especially economical LED lights.

Suitable for the disabled

Thanks to a remote control, switching the cooker hoods on and operating them is simple for disabled people too.

Turn knobs

If you prefer conventional operation, this product is the right choice. The operation is performed with the help of turn knobs.

Touch control

The touch of a fi ngertip is suffi cient and the functions of the sensor buttons will be activated.

Remote control

Controlling the cooker hood functions by means of remote control allows for more freedom of movement and easier accessibility.

Appliance width

This symbol indicates the width of the hood in cm.

Niche width

This symbol indicates the required niche or cut-out width for the top cabinet in cm.

Niche depth

This symbol indicates the required niche or cut-out depth for the top cabinet in cm.

Efficiency classes:


The energy effi ciency rating is calculated from the annual energy consumption of the appliance and a standard energy consumption. This is based on the assumption of an average daily operating time of 60 minutes and a daily lighting time of 120 minutes.

Fan (fluid dynamic efficiency)

The fan efficiency is a measure of the amount of electrical energy used to transport outgoing air.


In addition to energy consumption, the lighting efficiency also provides information on the durability of
the light bulb.

Grease deposit level

The grease deposit level is the percentage of grease absorbed by the grease filters of a cooker hood.

Noise level

In accordance with EU standard EN 60704-2-13, the noise level stated has been measured at the maximum basic level.