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The Küppersbusch Individual concept offers the option of having some models adapted to suit your own personal taste by equipping them with additional design kits. A fully individual look is achieved with one of the seven different metal design trims available as an accessory.

Energy efficiency class

In EU countries there is a common energy labelling system, which provides a guide to the energy efficiency of domestic electric appliances. Under this system, the most economical appliances are categorised as Class A and the least economical as Class G. There is no doubt that Küppersbusch appliances are amongst the most energy-efficient on the market.


The SilverLine design is an eyecatcher thanks to its unique style. The interior is of first-class materials. White freezer drawers with fine silver lines, transparent vegetable compartments, egg racks, butter and cheese compartments as well as holders for bottles and for preserved foods combined with elegant chrome railings are features of the new SilverLine.

No-Frost technology

The NoFrost technology ensures the inside of your freezer will remain free from any build-up of ice. Frost has no chance of settling on the inner walls or on your food. The advantage is that you will never have to defrost your freezer and that it will always work as economically as possible.


Whenever you want to place a large number of warmer foods into your fridge – e.g. when you come back from your weekly shop – we recommend you activate the FastCooling function in order to speed up the cooling process for these products and to prevent food already inside your fridge from warming unnecessarily. The FastCooling function automatically switches off after about 6 hours.


Whenever you freeze fresh food, you can simply lower the freezer temperature by pressing the FastFreezing button. After the
initial freezing time is up, the freezer can be turned back to normal operation – either automatically or manually, depending
on the model. The advantage of this method is: it is gentle on the goods you freeze, and the formation of an excess of ice crystals is prevented.

Touch control

A touch of a fingertip is sufficient and the function of the sensor buttons will be activated.


These fridges are equipped with economic interior LED lighting.


The refrigerator no longer needs to be switched off for defrosting. This is carried out by DefrostMode at a constant
temperature in the interior of the refrigerator. Food will not go off. The melted frost is simply transported to the back of the refrigerator, where it evaporates.


In this cooling zone with a temperature of nearly 0° C food can be kept fresh for up to three times longer than in a normal fridge section.

4-star freezer compartment

In the 4-star freezer compartment frozen food can be stored for a longer period at temperatures of up to –18° C.

4-star freezer section

A separate freezer section ensures temperatures of –18° C and below. Larger quantities of food can be frozen and stored for several months.

Climate classification

The climate classes indicate the ambient temperatures at which the cooling appliances optimally function.


The door compartments can be positioned at different heights. This way, it is easy to store unusually large food packages. Also,
the compartments are easy to clean – simply take them out of the fridge and wash.


Fresh food should be stored in the especially devised drawers.


EcoMode is an energy-saving setting that can be activated at the touch of a button.

Holiday function

With this function, the appliance can be left untouched with the door closed for a longer period of time. The formation of mould and unpleasant odours inside the cooling chamber is prevented. When activating the holiday function, the fridge temperature will automatically be set toapprox. 15°C. The freezer temperature
will remain unchanged.


The glass shelves can be slotted into the guide rails set into the walls of the fridge. You can change the distance between the shelves to suit your needs.


You can also slide the front halves of the glass shelves underneath the back halves.


The fridge is fitted with a function that causes food to cool down quickly and that ensures an even temperature
throughout the inside of the fridge. Depending on the model, this function either cuts out automatically or at the push of a button. It is highly useful for restoring the temperature after the
door has been opened or when the surrounding temperature is high. When this function is active, the temperature is practically the same throughout the entire fridge, meaning you can store
your food on any shelf or in any drawer you please.

Electronic temperature control

With electronic temperature control, you can be confident that the temperature you set for your fridge or freezer is accurately maintained. A digital thermometer lets you know at a glance
how cold it is.

Temperature warning system

An automatic warning system is activated if the temperature in the freezer compartement starts to rise. Depending on the model, a red warning lamp will light up and a loud audible alarm will sound to advise of the problem. The system is an excellent
safeguard against spoiled food.

100 % CFC and HFC-free

All Küppersbusch fridges and freezers are manufactured with appropriate respect for the environment. Neither the propellant for the foam insulation nor the refrigerant contains any CFC’s or HFC’s. At Küppersbusch we are keen to cause as
little environmental damage as possible, and we are proud to make our own, small contribution towards conservation of the environment.

Child safety lock

Whenever the child safety lock is activated, you cannot change the settings of your appliance.


Appliance doors with Softclose technology shut gently, quietly and practically of their own accord.

Magnetic locks

The refrigerator doors close very tightly as if by themselves thanks to magnetic locks, so there is no loss of cold or

Fixed furniture door system

In the case of the fixed furniture door system the hinges of the refrigerator doors are attached to the refrigerator and the back of the kitchen fur niture door.

Sliding-rail furniture door system

In the case of the sliding rail furniture door system the hinges of the furniture door are attached to the back of the latter and the inside of the furniture niche. A sliding rail on the front of the refrigerator attaches the door of the
kitchen furniture to the refrigerator.

Niche height

The niche height corresponds to the height of the required kitchen unit niche.

Appliance width

The various widths of the Küppersbusch refrigerators and freezers mean flexibility all the way.