Perfect performance down to the finest detail!

Noise level – quiet in operation

Küppersbusch dishwashers do not only excel because of their superb rinsing results, they are also extremely quiet in operation too. The noise level is indicated in accordance with the EU standard EN 60704-3 (re 1pw) in decibels (dB).

The large capacity dishwasher XXL

Also 60 cm wide, but up to an impressive 92,5 cm height, these large capacity models are ideal when you need to clean particularly large cookware.


Rinse and dry twice as fast with the express system. Choose a programme and then press the express button. The rinsing time will immediately be shortened by up to 50 %. The shortened rinsing time will be shown in the remaining time display right away. Perfect rinsing results are guaranteed.

Half load option

Breakfast dishes can now be washed separately and more efficiently than by hand. Energy-saving and environmentfriendly.

Intensive zone

The new ”intensive zone“ function permits flexible mixed loading. Heavily soiled pots and pans in the lower basket, delicate crockery and glasses in the upper basket. Together in one washing process – clean and energy-saving.

Hygiene function

The new ”hygiene extra“ function is available as an option for improved hygienic cleaning performance. Cutting boards and baby feeding bottles are washed germfree.

aquasensor duo

The aquasensor makes sure that your dishwasher uses no more water than necessary. No more, and no less. A sensor checks the water for the tiniest particles of dirt. It tests the water at the end of the pre-rinse cycle to see if it can be reused for the main wash cycle. If the water is too dirty, fresh water is taken in. However, if the rinse water is clean enough, it will be reused and you will save on water.

Water safety system

Even if the system is switched off or in the event of a power failure, the water safety system protects the dishwasher reliably and safely against any damage caused by water.


The new, unique system of programme control is especially gentle on delicate glasses and will powerfully clean extremely soiled pots and pans by automatically adjusting the spray pressure during the wash programme. The fine sensors recognise how soiled dishes are. And depending on whether dishes are lightly, normally or heavily soiled, aquatronic will automatically regulate the spray pressure and set it at gentle, normal or powerful.

Info on Floor

Fully integrated automatic dishwashers equipped with the Info on Floor function make it possible to read the remaining operation time, the programme procedure and possible faults direct with the help of a light signal on the floor.

Beam on Floor

Fully integrated dishwashers do not inform you immediately on their operating status. With the ”Beam on floor“ signal – a red dot which is displayed on the floor – you will know immediately whether the rinsing cycle
has been completed or not. A blinking alarm signal will even indicate a fault.

Glass care system

Glasses can be adversely affected by the kind of water they come into contact with. The Küppersbusch glass care system not only adjusts the water hardness level, it also prevents thermal shock, which can occur if excessively hot water comes into contact
with glass.

Tab detergent recognition

The automatic detergent recognition function adapts the washing cycles automatically to the type of detergent tablet being used, ensuring the best possible results.

Bright Light

The dishwashers are fitted with economical LED interior lighting, which is activated at the top of the door frame when the door is opened, thus illuminating the interior of the dishwasher in a pleasant blue light.

Heat exchanger

The heat exchanger dries the dishes without polluted air from the outside having to be used. Clouds of steam on opening the door at the end of the cycle are avoided. This saves energy, since it is used for the following rinse.


EcoDrying improves the drying performance of dishwashers with a heat exchanger. The door automatically opens slightly when the
programme has been completed. The unit is protected because most of the moisture evaporates and because temperatures are low when steam escapes. The Eco 50°C programme is backed up by EcoDrying as a standard.

              Efficiency class

In EU countries there is a common energy labelling system, which provides a guide to the energy efficiency of domestic electric appliances. All dishwashers are classified according to energy consumption, and cleaning and drying performance into efficiency categories ranging from A+++ to D. A+++ is the most efficient category and D is the most uneconomical category. The challenge lies in using as little electricity and water as possible while at the same time achieving optimal rinsing results. Naturally all of our dishwashers are to be found in the A++ category, which means that they are among the most economical appliances on the market.

Appliance height

The various heights of the Küppersbusch dishwashers mean flexibility all the way.

Touch to open

Küppersbusch is following the trend and adapting it to cover fully integrated dishwashers with doors which open automatically with a light touch on the front of the dishwasher. The door can also be opened by touching the front lightly with your elbow or even your hip – which is most practical when you happen to have both hands full and wish to avoid fingerprints on the front of your kitchen unit.


No matter how your kitchen looks like: long or extra thick furniture fronts, low plinths. The corresponding furniture front
is fixed to the FlexHinge, thereby pushing the door up when opening and a bumping on the plinth is prevented.