New versatility in cooking: Built-in electric hobs.

Independent hobs

Independent hobs have their own controls, for example sensor touch pads, and can be fitted into kitchens individually, irrespective of the oven.

Ceramic glass hobs

The robust ceramic glass hobs have a great deal of advantages: Thanks to their completely smooth surface pots and pans are
particularly easy to handle. And because nothing burns on easily they can be cleaned with the flick of a wrist.


The Küppersbusch VarioLine series harmoniously combines diverse different hob sizes with stainless steel frame design.

Vario Induction

Pots of different sizes and particularly large roasters are no problem on Vario induction hobs. The cooking zones can be used as usual, and there is also the option of activating the two rectangular cooking zones together and setting them with a single control operation.


Many professional cooks swear by this form of cold energy. Induction can be used more precisely than any other kind of energy – it is extremely fast, can be controlled perfectly, saves energy and is safe. The secret of induction cooking: energy is only transmitted to where cookware with a ferrous base has been placed on a cooking zone. This generation of energy direct on the base of the pan ensures extremely short heating up times for food and low energy consumption. And since the cooking zone itself doesn’t get hot, nothing can burn on.

Full-surface induction

Full-surface induction makes it possible to adapt the size of a cooking zone to your individual needs. The cooking zones are used like they usually are for small pots. For bigger pots or a roaster, each front cooking zone can be combined with the cooking zone behind it or all four cooking zones can be activated together as one large surface.

ökospeed plus

All of the Küppersbusch cooking zones have ökospeed plus elements. These sophisticated elements ensure that the heat-up time takes only a matter of seconds, resulting in a quick supply of heat. Thus besides heating up quickly, valuable energy is also saved.

Automatic booster cooking phase

Some of the cooking zones are equipped with an automatic booster, with which the setting for continuous cooking is stipulated on commencement of cooking. The cooking zone commences at full power and then automatically switches back to the setting for continuous cooking. You will find that cooking is taken care of for you.

Touch control

An exemplary electronics system controls the electric cooking zones. Touching the sensor pad lightly is sufficient to switch on the respective cooking zone. Besides operating the cooking settings, the easy-to-handle sensor pads are also used for controlling all other functions.


With the Küppersbusch selectControl display concept, all the controls are very clearly arranged. You select the cooking zone
you need by tapping the respective cooking zone graphic. Then you set the power level with the + / – symbols. For special functions such as Memory, STOP-AND-GO etc., simply tap the direct selection buttons.


The control unit of the Küppersbusch hobs has been optically and functionally optimised to improve user guidance. The cooking zones are set centrally with an intuitive control unit. First of all, the cooking zone of your choice is activated, and then the required power setting is made with a circling clockwise movement on the control unit.


With the Küppersbusch operating concept, all functions such as activation of the timer function and multiple-circuit zones, which can be selected directly, are clearly arranged on the hob. A light touch on the relevant wedge-shaped control graphic selects the desired zone. Moving your finger up and down the graduated scale adjusts the power level.


The settings are set by using the knob. Depending on the model, additional special functions can be added by using sensor.

Power booster setting

Küppersbusch induction hobs enable the power level of certain cooking zones to be raised by switching on the power booster setting, which means that heat required is available much more quickly.

öko-Power function

The öko-Power function allows the cooking zone output to be increased in two stages. The first stage is the öko-Power level, which increases the output but not as much as the boost level and therefore saves approximately 30 % energy. The second stage corresponds to the “normal” boost level, which provides heat very quickly when needed.

Residual heat indicator

The residual heat indicator reliably indicates which cooking zones are still hot. So you will not only know when to be careful, you can also use the residual heat to keep food warm and save energy at the same time.


A STOP-AND-GO button makes for extremely convenient safety. With this button you will not be unpleasantly surprised when you unexpectedly need to answer the doorbell or the telephone, all it takes is a light touch on the STOP-AND-GO button and all of the activated cooking zones will be cut off at the setting that has been made. After your return all you need to do is press the button again to restart the process.

Pan and pan size detection

In the case of all induction cooking zones, in addition to the pan detection system there is also a system to detect the size of a pan. Sensors determine the size of the cookware so that when a pan is placed on a cooking zone the induction heating circuit reacts accordingly.

Minute minder

The minute minder buzzes when the time set has expired.

Automatic switch-off.

The automatic switch-off system switches off the cooking zone when the time set in the minute minder has expired.

Switch-off memory

It‘s no problem if your hob is unintentionally switched off while it is operating. The electronic system remembers the most recent settings, so cooking can be resumed with the same settings when the hob is switched on again.

Central cut-off.

The central cut-off system enables all of the cooking zones to be switched off simultaneously. So it doesn’t matter which hand you use – if anything suddenly boils over you can switch off all of the cooking zones in a flash.

Childproof lock

It is not possible to unintentionally switch on the hob or turn up the setting when the child safety lock is activated.

Holiday shut-down

You no longer need to ask yourself if you have really switched off the hob after having left home. This is automatically taken care of by the holiday shutdown device. This safety device simply switches off the cooking zone if nothing is reset for some time.

Dual-circuit cooking zones

Various diameter dimensions can be used with these cooking zones, to optimize use of various sizes of cookware.

Dual-circuit cooking and roasting zone

A round cooking zone can be turned into a rectangular cooking zone when an additional heating element is switched on.

Bridging function

Full surface induction technology with its bridging function offers more space for large pots by coupling together 2 or 4 cooking zones.

Ceramic glass griddle

The ceramic glass griddle ensures easy, healthy grilling. No pan or roaster is required; meat or fish will turn out delicious when cooked directly on the ceramic glass surface itself.

Individual configuration of functions

The most popular functions can be individually saved on special key panels. Previously stored functions can be selected direct for use at any time.

Pre-definit special levels

Pre-set temperatures are automatically reached and maintained with the help of these special settings. This prevents liquids from boiling over and food in cooking pots from burning. Uses: 42°C melting level / 70°C keeping-warm level / 94°C pasta level.

Chef function

The chef function sub-divides the hob into 3 sections (left, centre, right). Individual power settings can be made for each section, and food is cooked by moving cookware to the other sections on the hob and not by changing power settings.

Cleaning function

The cleaning function switches the hob settings off for 20 seconds, during which time the cooking zones can be cleaned. After the 20 seconds have expired, the most recently set functions automatically start operating again.

Hob widths

The diverse widths of the Küppersbusch hobs mean flexibility all the way.

Pot move function

With the pot move function, the settings of two cooking zones can be changed easily. Cooking operations can therefore be moved from one cooking zone to another.

Especially for gas-hobs:

One-hand electric spark ignition

When the control knob is pressed in and turned, the electric one-hand spark ignition automatically produces an ignition spark and the relevant cooking zone is ignited.

Full safety device

The safety pilot automatically shuts off the gas when the flame goes out.

Pan supports

The pan supports, which rest lightly on the cooking zone, can simply be removed when required and are therefore easy to clean.